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Sales Leads Generation Experts

Appointment Setting or SDR

Allow your sales team to focus on closing business opportunities and nurturing customers, we will take care of finding relevant targets and appoint meetings.


Target Acquisition

Our team will search and collect custom data to build target lists for your sales teams. Trade Shows, conferences, directories, social media groups or other relevant sources.


 Tech Consulting for Sales

Consulting and training for the latest prospection tools, sales automation platforms, CRMs and sales-related software. The latest tech and work methods to your sales team.


What can we do for your company?

The simple answer is … increase your sales numbers. Either by generating qualified leads for your sales team or by training your staff on new strategies and solutions to improve results.

The Results

Our service proposal is performance-based. A goal is set, we always aim to overshoot.

The Team

We average 10 years of sales experience.

From Startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Any Territory

We can generate leads anywhere.

Challenges are welcome.

Any industry

We started with software companies, we realized our methods work on any industry.

Appointment Setting

Finding targets, reaching out and appoint meetings are some of the most time-consuming tasks in sales. We do the heavy work for your team, so they can be focused on nurturing existing customers and closing business opportunities.

Technology Consulting for Sales Departments

What would be the best combination of sales automation and prospection tools for your sales team?

Between thousands of solutions available, we will help to select the right recipe, work out the best practices and train your sales team to achieve top performance.

Software Company with UX/UI App Analysis for Android & iOS

We’ve generated leads on the Portuguese and Spanish territories, reaching out to companies with over 20 employees that develop their own native solutions for Android and iOS platforms. The targets were C-Levels, Directors and Managers with User Experience-related positions.

€212k of revenue generated

SaaS business model, the revenue was calculated comprising 1 year.

81 Hot Leads

Higly qualified leads within the right profile.

€715k of potencial revenue. I WANT TO KNOW MORE
24 deals closed

30% closing rate. Average ticket value – €8.8k

Sales Cycle reduced in 23%

Average closing time was reduced from 54 days to 42 days.


High-End Beverage Company

We’ve generated leads within the European territory for a very high-end Portuguese beverages producer, reaching out to International distributors, high-end retailers and restaurant chains. The targets were C-Levels, Directors, Owners, Beverage Purchasers and Food&Beverage Directors.

Meetings were booked to make the most of the pre-scheduled travels of the sales team.
€97k of revenue generated

The revenue was calculated comprising 1 year of orders or by extrapolation.

54 Hot Leads

Higly qualified leads within the right profile. €308k added on the sales pipeline.

17 new recurring customers

 31.48% closing rate. Average order per customer (1Y) – €5.7k

CAC down on 35%

Customer Acquisition Cost reduced as less international travel was needed.

Customer Testimonial



We make cities greener, one vegetable garden at a time. 

“The opportunity to work with PipeSpike came from our need to accelerate sales growth to reach our semester goals. Pedro Coelho and his team were a phenomenal help in this process. Thank you PipeSpike!”

Ricardo Ferreira – Head of Sales Noocity

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